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Body Treatments

Please, make-up is exquisite, hair is all-important, hands and feet are pressure points - but the part and parcel that carries it all is really where you need to focus, too. Your body is a temple, so treat it as such! Come to Le Salon for the best in bodycare services!
Detoxifying Body Treatment
A treatment designed to de-toxify the system. $25.95
Extra-Relaxing Body Treatment
The perfect antidote to a stressful lifestyle. $25.95
Top-to-Toe Bronzing Treatment
Ideal for anyone wishing to acquire an instantly healthy all-over tanned appearance. $25.95
Aromatic Back Treatment
This treatment is the perfect choice for someone with limited time to wind down and restore a sense of well-being. 45 minutes. $19.95
Paris Method Body Treatment
A series of unique massage movements boosts circulation, improves skin tone and benefits all body shapes. $32.50
Luxury Manicure
3/4 hr. $15.95
Luxury Pedicure
3/4 hr $18.95
Full Body Massage with Aromatherapy
Full body massage for relaxation, toning and circulation - aromatherapy massage for nervous tension, relief of headaches, migraine, sleeplessness, rheumatism, etc. $25.00
Shoulder Back and Neck Massage
1/2 hr $15.00
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Tip du Jour
Self-tanning Tips
To get an even, natural-looking tan--first exfoliate away flakes and rough skin that grab color patches. Try a sloughing cream in the shower. Towel dry. Apply Self-Tanning Body Mist or Self-Tanning Lotion directly onto skin, blend evenly. Wash hands and brush nails with soap and water immediately after application. Let dry fifteen minutes. Don't forget to apply sun block for adequate protection.