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Eye Care

Le Salon makes your eyes smoke, sparkle, sizzle and flame with a wide array of professional services!
Eye Dermie
Perfect as a corrective for fine lines, shadows, bags and wrinkles in the most vulnerable and delicate of areas. $21.00
Eyebrow Shaping
Eyelash Tinting
Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash and Brow Tinting
Eyelash Perming
A new concept to define your eyes, curls your lashes permanently for up to 3 months - complimentary eye lash tint given with this wonderful treatment.


Tips du Jour: Eye Make-up Types
For almond-shaped eyes
Apply lighter shade from lash to brow. Medium shade on lid. Dark shadow on outer third of lid. Generous coats of mascara for lashes, comb well.
For close-set eyes
Close-set eyes are often due to a slender nose. To create the illusion of width, apply color wide. Start shadow well away from eye's inner corner blending up and out with the more intense shade at outer limits. Line the outer half of the eye and then apply light shadow to inner corner. Blend. Apply natural glossy mascara on outer lashes only.
For deep-set eyes
Use light shade from lash to brow, slightly darker above the crease on brow bone. Use eye pencil or liner on both top and bottom of the eye, smudge to soften. Generous coats of mascara for all lashes, comb well.
For pale and shimmery
Smudge and sparkle make-up can create the illusion of a layered pale and shimmery eye. No liner here; just lots of deep, dark mascara.
For round eyes
Use light-toned shadow all over top lid, darker in entire crease. Line top and bottom lid, extend liner out and up at end. Mascara for top lashes only, more on outer half.
For small eyes
Use a shadow that picks up lighter flecks in eye. For example, on green/gray eyes put a light golden shade on center of lids. Similar flecks are visible, spotlighted and brightened. Eyes will appear larger when brows are thinner, tidy, and brushed up. Curl eyelashes up. Use a lighter shade of eye shadow in the center of the lid and a darker shade on the outer edge. Another way is to start the contour at outer third of crease, blending slightly upward at end. Line eye's outer third, above and below; extend and blend to join with contour color. Mascara on top only, extra on outer lashes.
For tired eyes
Try a eye pencil with a blue undertone at the outer corners of lower eyelids to strengthen. Blusher shades in the blue family perk up any eye by causing whites to appear whiter, brighter.
For wide-set eyes
Apply a light to medium shade from lash to brow. Place darker shadow shade near eye's inner corners, continuing across lid and feathering out lightly towards temples. Focus liner, mascara on inner corners.
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Tip du Jour
Put On Too Much Eye Shadow?
Don't start over. Just dip a small blush brush in bronzing powder and sweep over entire lid. Bronzing powder is a neutral tint, so it will just soften the color of your shadow without changing it.