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Hands & Feet

The extremities can be so extremely important - in professional as well as romantic settings and circumstances. So trust your hands and feet to the professionals at Le Salon!
Vogue Manicure
1/2 hr - $11.95
Vogue Pedicure
1/2 hr - $13.95
Silk Wrap Nails
Full Set - $32.00
Per Nail - $4.80

Nail Maintenance
Recommended every two weeks - $15.00
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Tip du Jour
Here's a fast treat for over-worked, over-stressed feet: An invigorating foot massage with minty, grainy body sloughing cream, showered off and followed by a soothing rub-down with high-quality moisturizer, which concentrates salicylic acid to smooth rough dry areas.

For dry feet and hands, here's a special bedtime treat: Slather them with a thick moisturizer, then cover them with cotton socks. When you wake up, they'll be soft and smooth.