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Ahh, there is nothing so glorious, delightfully soothing and wonderful as a professional facial. Deeply cleansing, sensual and revitalizing, Le Salon delivers facials that will have you looking and feeling your very best.

Facial services include:

Prescription Facial
Custom-made by the beauty therapist to treat specific concerns experienced by men as well as women. $25.95
For Stressed Skin
To soothe stress-induced skin, sensitivity and high color. $25.95
For Tired Skin
To help skin regain its firmness and vitality. $25.95
For Congested Skin
To clear skin prone to congestion and blemishes. $25.95
Pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation are the key notes for this facial that includes a shoulder, back and neck massage. $25.95
Paris Method Facial
A relaxing facial for all skin types using plant-based creams and oils, particularly effective at improving skin tone and quality of skin, reducing puffiness and diminishing the signs of stress and fatigue. $32.50
Skin-smoothing Eye Treatment
The eyes are highly susceptible to premature aging, stress-induced puffiness and dark circles. $19.95
Luxury Professional Make-up or Make-up Lesson
A 30 minute skin-freshening facial is followed by a professional make-up lesson. $25.00
Dermie Professional Facial
This treatment is sheer relaxation; gentle galvanic and high frequency electrotherapeutic massage, releases from specialized preparations active principles, which tone and firm the tissues and keep the complexion healthy balanced and freshly moisturized for weeks to come. $27.95
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Tip du Jour
Here's a Homemade Toner
In a blender, blend 1 peeled kiwi and 1 and 1/2 teaspoons lime juice. Add an equal amount of water and blend until smooth. Use a cotton ball to apply to face. Refrigerate any leftover toner in an airtight container.